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Definition of 'Coaching'-

Unlocking a person’s potential to maximize their performance.  It's 'helping someone to learn', rather than teaching them.

It's about YOU, YOUR equipment and what YOU want. It's a very efficient way to learn, 1 hour goes a long way!

Individual coaching ensures that your immediate needs and desires are met, and that you are given guidance, support and motivation to explore and develop in the future. With an experienced coach, gaps in your knowledge can be identified and addressed, whether it's of a technical nature with your equipment, your technique, or even your self-confidence. 


1:1 coaching (or tuition) will accelerate your learning and enforce good practices to help you improve and develop your skills.


Coaching for individuals in photography on a 1:1 basis is £30 per hour, or 2 individuals @ £40 per hour.  For groups, please ask for a quote.


Coaching in professional Wedding Photography

This an intensive 3 hour session covering a selection of topics dependent on your needs, anything from chatting with the bride & groom before the event, shooting on location, what to expect at different types of venues and how to produce proofs and design wedding albums - an excellent all rounder for any photographer wanting to 'go pro' £225


Coaching in Photoshop

For complete beginners and novices to cover topics like downloading, sorting, making selections, to proofing, enhancements and image manipulation.  This can be arranged on a 1:1 basis or small groups at an hourly rate starting at £30 per hour.


Fine Art Portraiture Finishing in Photoshop

Perfect for portrait photographers who want to treat their clients sympathetically and for their clients to be presented at their very best.  This is an intensive 1 hour session at £50 for those already familiar with Photoshop tools.

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