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Country Rose Hampers
Tel 01777 838858
Classic, simple, product photography, styled to show the British Made quality products and the ribbon for branding and personalisation.
Pozitive Minds
Classic, simple product photography, with a few 'illustrative' images and nice 'candid' shots of owner Jill Cowley to enhance and personalise her website.
Charity Concert
The Stables, Milton Keynes
Event photography of a charity concert, one of 4 concerts that I sponsored between 2002 and 2007.  Images were used for publicity in press, online and district-wide networking, year on year, including radio coverage.
AMS International
Tuxford Manufacturer (New website in progress)
Classic product photography, for manufacturer with long-established large volume clients.  Shoot was performed during several visits on location to simplify the complex process for AMS.  Although the shots may look simple, the combination of items and angles are specific to the way in which goods are presented and ordered by the clients' customers.  250+ different items.