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Update for 2021

Plans are in place to arrange workshops and 'Photo School' starting in 2022.  If you would like to be kept informed, please click here to enrol on the emailing list.

Whatever you want to photograph, whether it's people, landscapes, birds, racing cars, fashion, anything... in order to be confident you're going to get the kind of results you want, there are essential things you need to know.

And it's not rocket science!

Workshops have a loosely structured approach, an effective mix of demonstration and practical exercises, delivered by Di Fisher who is known for her nurturing and understanding approach.

At the end of the workshops, you will have a solid understanding of how your camera works so you can make your own decisions how to use it, and what sort of equipment you might need if you want to take up a certain style of photography. You will also know how to look at an image and take into account the composition, the lighting, and how it might have been achieved.  This will help you to continually improve on your own images.

You will never stop learning, and once you learn to 'see light', you won't be able to turn that switch off inside your head, it's magical when it happens!

Please feel free to call or email if you would like more information about the course; or 07763 111694


Future Workshops, dates to be confirmed, depending on demand:


  • Macro

  • Landscape

  • Studio Flash

  • On Camera Flash & Flash Gun

  • Reportage / documentary style photography

  • The Art of Black & White

  • Still Life / Table Top

  • Composition - how to 'see' and make decisions when 'framing' the shot

  • Understanding lenses

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